Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pensky and The Pea Sized Problem : PART I

Pint sized Pensky had a mammoth sized problem at hand.
Sighing and moaning big drops rolled from her tear gland.
She wondered what to do or how to make things right
For there before her was an unbelievable hysterical sight

Mangled and entwined, clunky, loopy, crumbly and bent
Her strategies, her game plan, her now useless tent
What a mess, what a disaster. A big catastrophic wreck
And in the massive chaos, Pensky seemed but a tiny speck

It all started ages, half chestnuts and a quarter time in space ago.
When Pint sized Pensky decided to stand as guardian of Sloppy Kongs toe
Sloppy kong toe was no ordinary planet. It was bizarre, it was hmmmm ….I think opposite
A planet where up was down and rules were no rules and a rocket could travel in a pocket

Where sense made no sense, and time could speed-up and slow-down, based on how you feel.
Where you die and become a flower and flower would poop out a baby and every baby had a seal.
Over here a ruling king could not rule. But he could appoint guardians to the great vestibule.
An archway made of pearl, rain and chocolate. You could enter on sugar or a laughing mule.

Now the guardians of the vestibule where not your regular residents of the planet.
They were abnormal creatures from another universe sent to guard and protect.
They were called man for they were loyal, brave, knew no fear and hardly ever smiled.
They fit into our planet because they were the opposite as adult than when they were a child.

The guardians were the only creatures that were not pooped from a flower.
But a man baby came when a male man and a female man lived in a house together.
When a great guardian died the planet mourned their loss and on their grave was placed a boulder.
These guardians had a way with all baby creatures that would sleep instantaneously upon its shoulder.

The last great ruler of planet Sloppy kongs toe was Shipgrass the great dream tell-trailer.
Milk trails passed by and a full 30000 chestnuts later he died and he became a flower.
That flower pooped out Pensky with the seal of a great ruler. Here is her story untold until today.
The planet knew Pensky was unlike any other and as per chestnut rules hers was a story to stay.

In case you were wondering a chestnut is a moon unique to sloppy kongs toe.
A chestnut lasted a 100 years. It stayed in a spot and the planet moved to and fro.
A chestnut held the wisdom across ages in a purple glow, of every great ruler that passed on by.
A chestnut sent messages though a purple drop that held secrets only visible to a rulers eye.

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